Board of Directors
We are directed and controlled by our ethical and highly experienced Board of Directors and their vision for the company, in order to achieve our business objectives responsibly and in accordance with high standards of accountability, responsibility and integrity

Executive Team
The Executive team meets regularly to address strategic issues, to review the Group's progress against its business plan for the year and to discuss other high-level matters affecting the Group's performance or prospects. In short they ensure that the conversations we have are directed towards our purpose

Meet our people
Our employees are our most prized asset and the reason why our ideas and conversations benefit so many of our valued clients.
WB Cape Foodservice is expanding our warehouse and in country operations in East, Central and West Africa to optimise distribution, reduced lead times and minimise costs as part of our ever expanding value proposition to our customers…READ MORE
WB Cape Media acquires global digital cinema operations to expand services to Asia, Middle East, Europe, South and North America. MORE

"To solve our customers international short and long term challenges with innovative, high quality products and services coupled with outstanding value and innovative global supply chains”

All our operating companies are supporting home-grown talent. MORE