Welcome to our home: an international services, trading and distribution company with firm but humble European and African roots.
Our history dates back to 1980 when an entrepreneur and now current chairman had the vision to provide innovative labour services and products to remote European Oil and Gas sites. His vision and experience was essential to help a highly ambitious and experienced team lay the foundations of what is now WB Cape International. It is fantastic to look back because when we do, it is clear that every operating company in our group started with a simple yet important conversation coupled with an open mind and unreserved willingness to help. The same kind of conversations we love to have when we meet current clients or potential future partners to help them be more successful, innovative,  reduce lead times and costs.
WB Cape Foodservice is unique in several ways but not in this regard and was also born from one initial yet important conversation. The conversation started when a valued team member met a regional catering manager of a large multinational catering company in a remote part of Mozambique. He had his hands in his hair and looked worried, the quality of his food supplies was not just letting down his customer’s employees every time they walked in for breakfast, lunch or dinner but he was running a real risk of losing a long term global drilling client due to the low quality and high cost of the products his company was supplying in several African markets. We asked him for an opportunity to do an analysis on his current supplies and within a couple of weeks we proposed a solution to reduce order lead times but most importantly drastically increase the quality of his products while reducing the cost of his purchases. With immediate benefits apparent he signed off on some trials and three weeks later the first 25 ton mixed container load of farm fresh fruit and vegetables left South Africa. Fast forward to today and this catering manager is not just a client but a friend, his company managed to keep and expand their operations in Africa and he now trusts us with the supply and management of their entire consumption list to all the markets they operate in. Our offering initially was limited to a few lines of proteins, fresh fruit, vegetables, beverage and couple of grocery items. As our customers experienced our innovative and customer centric approach coupled with low cost pricing they demanded more of us. We were more than happy to oblige and today the foodservice division stocks or supplies more than 10 000 food and beverage products with over 50 000 tons per annum to wholesalers, importers, catering companies, NGO’s like the United Nations, hotels, restaurants, remote sites, oil and gas operations and retailers in the markets we operate in. Our supply hubs expanded from a single source location to multiple global hubs in Africa, Europe, Middle East and the America’s. This expansion was essential to be true to our purpose of offering our clients the most efficient supply chain solution with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices available worldwide.
Our media division was created when global content owners and cinema operators in Africa were staring digitisation in the eyes without a clear long term solution or partners that were willing to invest at a time of rapid change. We saw and felt the uncertainty so shared ideas with our new potential clients, did our homework, researched solutions globally and returned with an offering that helped our clients switch seamlessly to digital while helping many global studios share the magical experience of their digital content with millions around the continent. It was this passion for the content, our customers and partners that helped us to expand to now serve studios, content owners and distributors with innovative lab and digital cinema solutions that include duplication and distribution on five continents with the most innovative digital cinema and home entertainment solutions.
The list of conversations goes on and on, out of these magical conversations innovating operating companies are emerging that solve our customers problems in automation, construction, chemicals, energy, finance,  logistics, procurement, recruitment and security yet all with the same purpose:
"To solve our customers short and long term challenges with innovative, high quality products and services coupled with outstanding value and innovative supply chains."
Thank you for listening to our story and please reach out if you want to hear more. Whether you are a current or future customer, investor or employee, your thoughts are truly very important to us because your ideas and challenges are core to what we do, we don’t just say we are customer centric, our business is simply built around the philosophy of customer centricity.

"To solve our customers international short and long term challenges with innovative, high quality products and services coupled with outstanding value and innovative global supply chains”

Our history dates back to 1980

All our operating companies are supporting home-grown talent and the best that the market we operate in has to offer, it feels good to contribute to the communities we live and work in so if you are passionate, entrepreneurial, customer centric, responsible with high sense of integrity and pride in what you do please get in touch.