WB Cape Media acquired the digital cinema operations of Utd by Content in July 2014 to offer innovative digital lab services, duplication and distribution, in the America’s, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa to our global studio clients who include Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Sony. This comes after the successful launch of the Africa operations in 2012 who now is the undisputed leader in digital cinema distribution in Africa and other emerging markets.

WB Cape Foodservice is expanding our warehouse and in country operations in East, Central and West Africa to optimise distribution with two new offices in Mozambique and Namibia that was added in 2014, this was done to reduced lead times and minimise costs as part of our ever expanding value proposition to our customers

"To solve our customers international short and long term challenges with innovative, high quality products and services coupled with outstanding value and innovative global supply chains”

All our operating companies are supporting home-grown talent.

All our operating companies are supporting home-grown talent and the best that the market we operate in has to offer, it feels good to contribute to the communities we live and work in so if you are passionate, entrepreneurial, customer centric, responsible with high sense of integrity and pride in what you do please get in touch.